Universal Truth You’re Unaware 

Most of people blame others and sometimes our ownselves for bad luck and everything going wrong in our lifes. 

But have we ever stopped for a while and gave a thought why it happen to me, can i change it ? I guess most of us won’t have thought of it. 

So just let me tell you one thing, everything in this world happens for a reason, this sentence is what most of us have overheard it. You all must be saying it that come on you tell me something which is new. 

I’ll tell you the reason- that,that everything happens because you somewhere in your mind have already thought of it. Don’t wonder why whether its good or bad your mind have already thought of it, that is the reason that there is a famous saying always think positive. If your thinking I’m the one having problem then you on turn are actually attracting more problems towards you,  so stop, stop your thought over there and think that all my problems are solved and you’re nourshing. Then you’ll see that in a period of time your problems are actually disappearing. 

Give some time to this process, it’ll show you tremendous results, and don’t forget to believe in it and practice it continuously in your life. 

Note:- Think of whatever you want in your life, universe will give it to you because this universe just waits for your instructions if you think of good things happening to you it’ll happen and in this process don’t even think for a while about what ifs.


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