Sounds of mind

I wish the words can be filtered
I wish the words can be heard,
I wish the sounds of mind and heart can be synced.
I wish the value of everything can be told,
I wish there would be no worries to be carried,
It seems that dooms are drunken in the yards of the mortals.
Heavy burden on the shoulders of the creature lied.


Universal Truth You’re Unaware 

Most of people blame others and sometimes our ownselves for bad luck and everything going wrong in our lifes. 

But have we ever stopped for a while and gave a thought why it happen to me, can i change it ? I guess most of us won’t have thought of it. 

So just let me tell you one thing, everything in this world happens for a reason, this sentence is what most of us have overheard it. You all must be saying it that come on you tell me something which is new. 

I’ll tell you the reason- that,that everything happens because you somewhere in your mind have already thought of it. Don’t wonder why whether its good or bad your mind have already thought of it, that is the reason that there is a famous saying always think positive. If your thinking I’m the one having problem then you on turn are actually attracting more problems towards you,  so stop, stop your thought over there and think that all my problems are solved and you’re nourshing. Then you’ll see that in a period of time your problems are actually disappearing. 

Give some time to this process, it’ll show you tremendous results, and don’t forget to believe in it and practice it continuously in your life. 

Note:- Think of whatever you want in your life, universe will give it to you because this universe just waits for your instructions if you think of good things happening to you it’ll happen and in this process don’t even think for a while about what ifs.

She Isn’t Being Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

Open your eyes!
You have been together for quite a while now and you have probably gotten a good idea of how easily it is for her to attach herself to people – and to you in particular. She is the kind of woman who you know would crumble apart should you ever choose to break her heart and leave her. She is the kind of girl who needlessly asks you to stay during random moments that you spend together. You always get the sense that she never wants to be without you. Even the people in her life keep on telling her that she has to start loosening her grip on you so as not to suffocate you and drive you away. She has always been taught that men don’t necessarily like girls who are too needy. She is the epitome of needy and they tell her that you’re not going to be able to tolerate that kind of neediness for too long.
But she has an entirely different perspective on things. She tends to think very differently on the issue. She doesn’t think that the word “needy” should necessarily be seen as a bad thing; nor should it be a label that is attached to people like her. She knows that she is acting a particular way and she doesn’t want to apologize for it. At the end of it all, in her mind, she knows that the way she acts when she’s with you is only a very special way of loving you. And she would never apologize for loving you.
So whenever she proclaims her love and her affection to you, you can be sure that she isn’t lying to you. She isn’t exaggerating her feelings for you. She isn’t the type of girl who would mislead you with her intentions and her true emotions. She would go through the lengths of the earth just to love you.

On the outside looking in, she looks like some sort of crazy girl who is obsessing over a particular guy in ways that are not common. She’s not crazy. She’s been around the block before. She’s had her fair share of experiences in love and romance. She has experienced heartbreak. She has experienced romantic elation. She has been on both sides of the spectrum and she knows what she’s doing. She understands that love is never an easy affair. Love doesn’t necessarily come to those who are passive. Love doesn’t work for those who don’t put in the effort. That’s why she is the way that she is whenever she’s with you. That’s why she tries as much as possible to keep you close to her heart. That is why she wraps her emotional arms around you and it can often feel like she’s suffocating you – but the truth is, she understands how fragile love can be, and sometimes a tight grip is what it takes to keep things together. She isn’t going to be scared of telling you to that she needs you in her life. She is going to be as transparent as possible with you.
She isn’t going to close herself off to you because she has tried that before and it never worked. Her pride and her ill-conceived beliefs on love always held her back. She always used to act very reserved because that’s what people expected of her. But now, she has let go of all of that. She is not going to let anyone else tell her how to love. All that matters to her is her own feelings and how you feel about her as well. She isn’t going to hide her fears of losing you anymore. She isn’t going to suppress her vulnerabilities and insecurities. She wants you to see her for who she really is. She wants to become an open book to you. And she also won’t apologize for whatever you find whenever you choose to enter her heart.
Just be confident in the fact that when she falls in love, she does so with her entire heart. She dives head first into the pool of romance and she isn’t going to apologize for it.
She isn’t needy at all. She just loves you with all of her entire self.
She is madly and deeply in love with you. Her feelings have ballooned to the size of an endless skyscraper. So stop calling her needy. Stop saying that she’s acting too weird. Stop saying that she is being intimidating. And stop being ashamed of the way that she is whenever she is around you. In fact, you should be proud that you’ve landed a girl like this. Be proud that you have a woman who doesn’t care about how she looks when she loves you. Be proud that you have a girl who loves you the way that she does.

The Unknown 

Everyone in this world has always a fear. Fear can be of heights, water, fire, even human beings but its not compulsory to have a fear from any form. Sometimes people even hold up some fear of unknown (something thats they’re unaware of). Which ultimately hinders there progress somewhere in their lifes. 

Friends don’t try to fight it back because you don’t know its origin. Just leave it. Leave it and conquer it by doing great things which helps you to grow. One day automatically it will go off.